About Us


Dynamic Fitness Centre Echuca was first established in 1978 by Kevin and Ann Brooke and was the first fitness centre of its kind in Northern Victoria.

Purchased by Christopher Fowler in December 2016, and as always, locally owned and operated; we pride ourselves on providing a professional facility and exceptional customer service to our members, guests and local community.

Our facility features a fully equipped gymnasium/weights room with both Nautalis and chrome pin/plate loaded machines, as well as a large selection of Australian Barbell Co. and Hammer Strength free weights.

On the 2nd floor, we have a separate cardio area, recently updated to include the most popular Life Fitness cardio equipment, a Concept2 rowing machine and CV9 vibration trainer. Also located upstairs is our huge group fitness studio; featuring a fully-sprung Reebok floor for low-impact, a range of functional training equipment, air-conditioning and mirrors throughout to encourage and promote correct form.

The hydrotherapy recovery area is ideal for performing contrast therapy; the act of cycling the body between warm and cold water immersion for faster recovery. It features a huge in-ground hydrotherapy jet spa, set to an optimal temperature of 38°C. The warmth and resistance of the water creates buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, helping to increase blood circulation, reduce pain, swelling and stiffness of the muscles and joints.

The area also includes a dry steam, Finnish-style sauna, with high heat and low humidity, it is ideal for reducing aches and pains, expelling toxins from the body, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and releasing tension. And a cold plunge pool, at an average temperature of 12°C; the cold water helps to stimulate the body and blood vessels, reduce inflammation and pain, and flush out toxins and waste products that accumulate during exercise.

We understand how important the balance between physical exercise and rest and recovery is; that’s why we strive to provide a facility where our members and guests can access a range of services from one convenient location.

We specialise in health and fitness

We offer a range of services including casual visits and fixed-term memberships for both gym/cardio and hydrotherapy access. We provide group and individual personal training, remedial therapy services, group fitness classes and Martial Arts. We also stock a wide range of products, including high quality supplements, CORE Powerfoods and apparel. Our facility and services are one of a kind in Echuca, purposely built for training and recovery.

Customer service is our number one priority

We offer complimentary orientation appointments and complimentary personalised programs for all of our fixed-term members. We don’t have joining fees and we don’t have fees for cancelling or deferring your membership. We are an old school fitness centre, with old school values. We hold a high regard for providing a quality and professional service, as well as a comfortable, supportive environment where everyone feels welcome to train.

Why Choose Us?

We differ from the competition in many ways. We take pride in ensuring our members feel comfortable in our gym. We acknowledge that for some people, they have to stay fit and healthy because of health issues, and we wish to be able to provide a service, and a place, where everyone feels welcome, and supported in reaching their health and fitness goals.

We know what it is like to be unfit, unhappy, injured and unable to turn things around; our aim is to invest the time educating you with the skills, techniques and knowledge required to competently perform your training program, helping you to reach your goals faster and become comfortable and confident in a gym and fitness environment. 

Training Services 95%
Hydrotherapy Services 98%
Group Fitness Classes 90%
Value For Money 95%