Renshi Adrian Raverty

Experience:28+ years

Phone:0429 407 361

Renshi Adrian Raverty

Martial Arts Instructor


Renshi Adrian from Tsunami Dojo Martial Arts Academy, has been teaching Martial Arts for over 28 years. Adrian’s father has been a member at Dynamic Fitness Centre for over 35 years, and when the opportunity arose to establish a Martial Arts Dojo in the group fitness studio upstairs, Renshi Adrian’s professionalism and values aligned perfectly with that of the Dynamic Fitness Centre.

Officially certified as Tsunami Dojo by Bob Jones Corporation, these Martial Arts programs are set to a structured curriculum of national standard, with advancement based on merit and progress. Renshi Adrian specializes in Karate and Zen Do Kai, but he also has knowledge and experience in boxing, kick boxing MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.